This Blog Moving to “Self-Care Habits”

Hi everybody,

I know this blog hasn’t been very active, but simplicity remains a cornerstone of my living and focus.

Lately I’ve been going overboard with my writing and have decided to consolidate some blogs in an effort to simplify in order to re-balance my life.

This “Simplicity 222″ blog is being exported, i.e. transferred to “Self-Care Habits”.  Hope to see you there!


Chaos: In Our Lives and in Our Minds

I think that we have chaos in our lives to express the chaos in our minds.

Chaos in our lives is the physical manifestation of what is untidy, crumpled up, excessive and not yet dealt with or resolved in our minds and the rest of our bodies.

A feeling of chaos is a wake-up call to action, an alarm that goes off and says, “Deal with this  — or else.”  :)

When there is a bunch of stuff stuffed under our beds, that’s an opportunity.  An opportunity for cleansing and new possibilities.  Maybe a possibility like,  “Hmm. What would it be like if I had absolutely nothing under my bed — if it were just space?”  May seem small, but small possibilities have the potential to accumulate and open us up to more and more possibilities and also larger ones.

Or what if we determined that we’re quite capable of keeping our cars impeccable on the inside and the outside?  Keeping them vacuumed and wiped down?  Keeping our tires sufficiently inflated?  Keeping those tires and wheels scrubbed and shiny?  Keeping our gas tanks far away from empty?  Keeping our oil changes on schedule?  Simplifying and beautifully organizing what we consider necessary in the glove compartment, trunk, bed, and any other little compartments?

What if we kept things off the floors of our living spaces and determined that everything that is useful has its specific place, its specific home — and determined to make sure that everything always returns to its home when not being used?

What kind of impact could adjustments like these make on our lives?

Would changes in minimizing chaos help us to not lose things?  Could we be more productive?  Could people count on us more?

More importantly, would we be able to count on OURSELVES more?  Could we keep more promises to ourselves?

Chaos.  I think that chaos is the opposite of order, and thus peace.  I think that once chaos is clear, creativity has room to start to move around.  So does clarity.  Hmm.  Chaos versus clarity.  I like that.

Perhaps we can measure our chaos against our values.  For me, really top values are integrity (which includes honesty and keeping my promises to myself); peace; and optimizing myself and my relationships — especially my relationships with myself and with God. I guess that’s why I’ve taken simplicity so seriously.

I feel that every step I take with simplicity draws me closer to my purpose and to freedom.

“Have you ever contemplated chaos in your life, how it shows up and its impact on you and loved ones?

Does simplicity carry weight in your life? — and if so, how? 


Simplicity: Where Everything Has Its Place

Simplicity is about saving time, energy and frustration so that we can enhance clarity and satisfaction, as well as get on with living.

Simplicity is not a cure-all, but it can be an amazing place to begin and an amazing base from which life then flows with greater ease.

Keeping things organized and in their place is key for living a life of simplicity.

Several days ago, I strangely pulled out multiple books that I need to read, as well as notebooks and crayons and God only knows what.  In no time I found  my bedroom completely cluttered.  It’s as though I was manifesting on the outside the overwhelm, confusion and pressure I created in my head by trying to man too many projects at once.  As my head and subsequent productivity in these areas shut down, my bedroom was kind of doing the same thing.

I found it very interesting to relive a cluttered life for several days — until it became no fun at all.  The climax hit yesterday when I discovered myself frequently scouring through the bed covers to find my reading glasses, to find the pen, to find the pencil, to find the sheet of paper or that phone number I just had in my hand (my bed is my office).

Suddenly, it all seemed so silly.  I was playing the “disorderly game”.  Upon realizing that I wasn’t having any fun with it anymore, I proceeded to put the game away, cleaning everything up and organizing better than ever.

What’s my point?  I have three:

  1. I believe our world is a reflection of what’s inside of us.  If we want to change our insides, how we manage our lives on the outside can be very influential.
  2. Ideally, everything has its place.  It saves so much time and energy.  Everything having its place helps the brain concentrate on the next project or on the task as hand.  It also saves us the frustration of continuously losing and misplacing things.
  3. The exercise of keeping everything in its place can be very calming and stress-relieving, freeing our minds to live in greater peace and conquer greater feats.


Stuff Thrown Around

Stuff Thrown Around

Stuff thrown all around the room.  Strange.  This is not like me.  Not like the simplified me.

I’m holding off on judging a book by its cover, a bedroom by its haphazardly-flung debris.

I questioned myself and continue to inquire:

“What is going on inside of me that needs this mess to surround me?”

– “Is it a sense of security I seek, such as that with my recently-pudged belly?”

– “Is it a reflection of the chaos and helplessness I feel inside, now that I’m faced with these bold new adventures?”

– “Is it a desire to punish myself for some reason?”

– “Is it a need to create chaos where there no longer is in a weakened attempt to retrieve the old and sad but familiar?”

– “Or is it rebellion in the face of new-found freedom and happiness that I presently refuse to accept or embrace due to its newness and unfamiliarity?”

The answers to these questions are not forthcoming, but I do have the immediate solution.

I shall un-man the keyboard, clean up the mess,

and to get to work on the immediate and promising projects at hand.


End of the World Scenarios

I haven’t been here for quite a while.  I guess you could say I’ve been taking a simplicity break to a large extent.  Kind of running on maintenance.

Looking around my room this morning, I realize I took a complexity turn along the way.

The name of the road? — SHTF Anticipation Avenue.

SHTF:  This term basically refers to the point in society or our lives when the “stuff” hits the fan, when all hell breaks loose, when our present lifestyles, including personal security, go into upheaval.  When maybe a gazillion of us DIE.

I put DIE in all caps because that’s the way it sounds in my head after watching about 4,964 YouTube videos on End of the World scenarios.  I’m a bit shell-shocked and dizzy as a result.

The way I figure it, something major is going to happen soon.  It might be one of the following or a combination which occurs either simultaneously or in a wave:

1. The earth shifts its tilt, and we’re ice.

2.  Other natural disasters hit, but bigger than ever.

3.  Zombies are running around as a result of bio warfare.

4.  Ebola consumes us.

5.  The Illuminati, after brainwashing all our children and dumbing us adults up even further through Hollywood stars and idolized singers, will, along with Satan, rule the world.

6.  The biblical End of Times lands on its D-Day and some of us will go “up in smoke”, but most of us will be left on earth, which will have been converted into a living hell — FOR YEARS!

7.  Those coming in through the U.S.’s open-gate southern border will fill the country to capacity and everyone will be forced to speak Spanish and eat frijoles EVERY DAY.  (OK, really bad stabs at humor.  Forgive me.)

8.  Terrorists will cruise through that same border and do what terrorists do — but MUCH BIGGER this time.

9.  Oh yeah, the One World government will  brand us all with chips (acting in cahoots with the devil) and that will confirmed by one worldwide language, one type of currency worldwide, and –oh yeah — one government ruling the entire world.  Did I get that right?

What will lead up to one or more of these scenarios (or scenarios I inadvertently or ignorantly left out) is an increased dependency on the government.  Present reality:  The changed employment laws where people can’t work past 28 hours a week. If they do, they’re considered full-time and are eligible for health insurance.  Companies are now avoiding full-time status, and keeping employees at 28 hours per week.  That means that someone now working 28 hours a week making a minimum wage of $7.25 and ultimately clearing $6 after deductions, makes a slamming $168 a week, or $672 a month.  That kind of deal kind of begs people to throw up all their hands and head for welfare land, thus increasing their dependence — both financially and mentally — on the government.

10.  Aliens.  Aliens that have been in cahoots with the military for years.  Aliens that have been taking people out of their beds and doing horrible experiments on them in an attempt to create a new species and overtake the world.

11.  Our being thrown into a second Holocaust.  I’m curious as to who would be the chosen victims, and I throw myself into contemplating how the government would trick us this time and what would be the chosen form or forms of massive annihilation.  I find myself concerned that we will just go along with whatever out of fear of not having food or water.  I fear that we have become excessively passive, manageable, unconscious and inactive, both physically and mentally.

I’ve been out of the country for years — and I come back to THIS?  THIS?  OK, a lot of it was already on the simmer, but I wasn’t watching YouTube videos on it and getting all confused.  I was already worried about family members, but this all takes it to a whole new level.

So what the hell does this have to do with simplicity?  It has a lot to do with mine.  I’ve been so caught up in end-of-the-world scenarios and being prepared, that I now have empty jugs in the corner that are kind of meant to hold water, but I need to look on the internet first to see how many drops of chlorine to add.  Then there is the water in plastic containers bought in the store.  How long will they last before the plastic starts seeping into the water?  … I additionally have cans of beans. OK, that’s kind of to wean me onto actually preparing the beans myself, but still — I’m thinking that when SHTF, maybe there won’t be water to make the beans and then there goes a protein crisis,… but then I think that I can combine nuts and seeds with oats and be fine… but then I think about the total protein content and if it will be enough, if the recommendations are correct, or if we can live on far less.  … and then on the internet they are adamant about people being armed — but I don’t have a gun nor desire one and I seem to qualify as a gypsy who will DIE if anything happens because my earth-lovingness and barefoot-walking ways render me with no skills in the real world.

The way I’m hearing it, even though I’m healthy and strong and have no medical conditions and no reliance on medications, I’m still screwed.  I have family members who are just the opposite.  They’re TOTALLY screwed.


And then… after running around inside my head for several weeks…. I begin to settle down and start to think for myself.

Maybe one of these scenarios will become a reality.  Probably.  Maybe all of them.  Maybe they will all blend together into a viscous mush.  And what if?

That personally brings me back to my values, and, pretty much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I find myself back in Kansas, living the life I am working to develop.  Striving to be the person I am working to develop.

Today I seek balance.  Today I actively seek peace and a settling of these thoughts into one cohesive channel.

While I do believe that it is always wise to be as fit and healthy and as independent as possible, to have water stored and a few ways to filter water, to have food stored, and to be able to live simply and need little in the way of material possessions, I believe that by being caught up in fear, I lose the purpose of living and make myself highly vulnerable in multiple ways.

My value is not money.  It is not power.  It is not possessions or fame.  My value is God.  Loving God.  Working to increase my strength and capacity and wisdom so that I can serve God.  My value is love.  If there was something I had to accomplish before I died, it would be character development leading to soul development, because I believe that that will be carried with me beyond death.  Maybe we do end up ashes and the soul doesn’t exist.  Maybe our purpose here is to live it up and enjoy our golf games and our TV shows and famous people and to pay no mind to the earth, but that’s not what I bank on.  That’s not where my deepest convictions and truths lie.

I think that the warnings (often smart warnings) that are being shared on the internet can be very useful.  However, if we lose ourselves in the process or lose sight of why we’re here, then if there is a devil, he becomes a pretty happy camper.

Today I get re-grounded. Today I re-group.  I go through this little hoarded stash in the corner and clear it out.  I take the cans down to the basement and add to the stash there.  I make decisions on the recyclables, and I get back to my simplicity.

I do believe that we can better prepare ourselves and be diligent about it.  I do believe in my heart, however, that the best preparation is what is done with our characters, our way of treating ourselves and our way of relating to and treating each other.


My Minimalism Dream

If I could have one personal wish fulfilled, it would be the kookiest thing for most people.

The fulfillment of this wish would light me up and send me soaring.

It doesn’t have to cost more than a few lightweight bags.

If I had the proper mentality, I could actually bring my dream to fruition today.

What I would personally love more than anything in the world …

is to be a gypsy.  My own style of gypsy.

There is nothing I would find more satisfaction with than having all my material possessions in the world

be what I can comfortably carry with me.

To have that versatility.  To be THAT organized and THAT put together.  To need less and live more.

To take my focus off things and place it on others, on nature, on movement, on solutions, on loving.

To no longer be bogged down in the least by the material world and the confusion that goes with it all.

That is my dream.

And today — this entire day — gets dedicated to its realization.