My List of Material Possessions, May 6, 2014 — Total: 246

Now that I have declared myself simplified, I’d like to write a list of “me” — of what remains in my material world.

The following is all of my material possessions in this world, all of which are here with me.  I will work to arrange them in some sort of orderliness: (includes all but fresh produce and boxed noodles).  Note:  In developing this list, I got rid of even more stuff because I didn’t feel like writing it down. :) .

  1. eyeglasses
  2. eyeglass case
  3. 3 water bottles (totaling a capacity of about 2.4 Liters)
  4. Bible
  5. tiny spiral notebook for Bible verses written in shorthand (for memorization)
  6. bicycle
  7. bike pump
  8. bike lock
  9. 10 strap lycra tops
  10. tank top
  11. 14 undergarments
  12. 2 pairs of thick tights
  13. 2 pairs of sweatpants
  14. 4 pairs of shorts
  15. 3 hoodies
  16. 2 jackets
  17. 8 t-shirts
  18. 3 long-sleeve cotton shirts
  19. sweater
  20. skirt
  21. pair of green lycra jeans
  22. pair of vivid blue lycra jeans
  23. pair of blue jeans
  24. pair of beige jeans
  25. pajama pants
  26. pajama t-shirt
  27. pair of gloves
  28. 2 pairs of leg warmers
  29. husband (big armchair-shaped pillow to lean on)
  30. journal
  31. small spiral notebook
  32. small calendar
  33. laptop
  34. smartphone
  35. folding cell phone
  36. ipod shuffle
  37. 8 ponytail holders
  38. 2 hair barrettes
  39. hairbrush
  40. yellow comb
  41. sunscreen
  42. OFF! bug repellant cream
  43. combo eyebrow pencil/eyeliner
  44. eyelash curler
  45. mascara
  46. makeup color tray
  47. crayons
  48. sewing kit
  49. hygiene supplies (in a shoebox)
  50. household supplies (in a shoebox)
  51. non-slip work shoes (in a shoebox)
  52. blue cloth bag
  53. shopping  bag
  54. plastic bags
  55. pink carry-on
  56. big bag
  57. purse
  58. umbrella
  59. 3 framed pictures
  60. 2 framed texts
  61. memorabilia notebook 1
  62. memorabilia notebook 2
  63. photos folder
  64. empty envelopes
  65. 1 coupon
  66. 6 piano books
  67. piano sheet music folder
  68. recipes envelope
  69. Book:  Healing with Whole Foods
  70. Book:  Anatomy of Movement
  71. Book:  Nutrition Advisor
  72. Book:  Heal Your Body (Louise Hay)
  73. Book:  The 2-Second Commute
  74. Book:  Digestive Wellness
  75. Book:  What To Expect When You’re Expecting (No, I’m not.  It’s just got a great chapter on nutrition.)
  76. 6 Books:  Clan of the Cave Bear set (Jean Auel)
  77. Hardcover version of “Clan of the Cave Bear” (book 1)
  78. Book:  Webster’s Dictionary/Thesaurus
  79. Book:  American Heritage Dictionary
  80. Book:  The Original Diet
  81. Book:  Fasting Free on Wild Edibles
  82. Book:  Herbs the Year Round
  83. Book on Composting (written in Spanish)
  84. Basic Life Saving/CPR/AED Certification/Study Materials
  85. Wall calendar I keep with my books
  86. 4 CD’s
  87. 2 DVD’s
  88. VHS tape
  89. 2 baby dolls
  90. Set of papers:  Copies of Bible verse references from my old Bible
  91. blank paper
  92. glue stick
  93. 6-inch ruler
  94. Shredded Wheat plastic container
  95. Oats plastic container
  96. Plastic recycled container for mixing orange juice concentrate with water
  97. flax seeds (whole and ground)
  98. wheat germ
  99. ground cinnamon
  100. ground ginger
  101. aspirin
  102. salt (medicinal purposes)
  103. 2 big wine glasses (for my fruit frappes)
  104. 2 plates
  105. 1 fork
  106. 1 serrated-edge knife
  107. 1 plastic spoon
  108. 1 clear glass bowl
  109. 1 clear glass mug
  110. 1 large steel bowl
  111. 1 wooden spoon
  112. container of chia seeds
  113. dried basil
  114. dried oregano
  115. dried parsley
  116. garlic powder
  117. powdered ginger
  118. powdered pepper
  119. green tea bags
  120. lemon ginger tea bags
  121. cookie sheet (kept in drawer to organized spices)
  122. raisins
  123. vital records folder (including manuals, medical records, legal records)
  124. baton
  125. silver wrapping paper (1 roll)
  126. pink metallic wrapping paper (1 roll)
  127. 1 bucket with lid for laundry
  128. 1 bucket with lid for produce scraps
  129. 1 bucket with lid for washing, misc. uses
  130. 1 steel spoon for gardening
  131. 1 hand rake for gardening
  132. tennis ball (to lie on to apply pressure to my back when I’m injured or muscles cramp)
  133. swimming noodle (again, for healing body tissues)
  134. silver watch
  135. measuring tape
  136. small calendar
  137. pair of scissors
  138. tape
  139. glue stick
  140. purple pens
  141. pencils with erasers
  142. pencil sharpeners
  143. bag for writing material backups (pencils, pens, sharpeners, erasers)
  144. dental floss
  145. almond oil (for skin)
  146. coconut oil (for hair and skin)
  147. baking soda (for hair washing and tooth brushing)
  148. glycerine soap
  149. toothbrush
  150. handheld mirror
  151. magnifying mirror
  152. tweezers
  153. towel
  154. baseball cap
  155. little billfold
  156. debit cards (kept in billfold)
  157. checkbooks
  158. library ID tab (kept in billfold)
  159. gym ID tab (kept in billfold)
  160. grocery store ID tab (kept in billfold)
  161. pain killing pills to go, kept in tiny plastic case (kept in billfold)
  162. dental floss kept in plastic scandisc case (kept in billfold)
  163. plastic chakras reference card (kept in billfold)
  164. tiny comb (small comb cut in half) (kept in billfold)
  165. driver’s license (kept in billfold)
  166. house key (kept in billfold)
  167. tiny toothpaste (kept in billfold)
  168. blue cotton sneakers
  169. white cotton sneakers
  170. 3 pairs of flip flops
  171. pair of sandals
  172. collection of coins, kept in empty aspirin bottle

I calculate 246 items (backup items, like additional pencils or pens or soap bars, do not increase the total).

I can feel that I have excess, but right now I’m comfortably at a holding pattern and ready to direct my attention to more deeply creative pursuits.

I am simplified.  It will be interesting to see where the tide moves and shifts me from here… and to witness what might be let go of or taken on in the future.








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  1. I love that in listing out your possessions you were spurred on to get rid of more…it is sort of like when they tell dieters to keep a food journal so you realize in writing what you have. I recently started my journey into minimalism as a lifestyle, but likely my list is still 5 times as long as this…I’m going to try making a written list and see where that gets me.


    • Yeah, you’re right in comparing it to logging when dieting. Great connection! I got started simplifying with the book, “Living the Simple Life,” by Elaine St. James. It’s a wonderfully-simple book that changed my life right away in so many areas. I would totally recommend it. My present-day guide and inspiration, through his blogs and e-books, is Leo Babauta. You can find him at Since about 10 months ago, he has made a huge impact on my simplifying and my life. My heroine of all times is Peace Pilgrim, who was an amazing pioneer for peace. Her possessions consisted of the clothes on her back and what she carried in the front pouch of her apron. You can find her at The writings on her life and works are free and priceless. Have a blast with the amazing adventure that is simplicity!


    • Hi Hardik. Love your blog. I really like your advice on relationships and think it is spot on. I’ve been at this simplifying game for a long time. Sometimes paring down is thrilling, where I’ve joyfully played the “20 Game,” which manifested itself into the “50 Game” (a game I made up to get rid of a certain number of things in one fell swoop). Then other times simplifying is really tedious because it’s about soul searching and letting go. When I first started many years ago, I had a collection of about 135 magazines in my field that I valued. I called a friend who actually had a career simplifying people. As she coached me in getting rid of them, I found myself trembling and even crying. Ahh, but the release and the joy afterwards. It’s gonna be a lot of fun combining ideas and building inspiration.


    • Another note: If you want to get down below 200, you will totally do it. It’s a process and it’s extremely powerful to program ourselves with a vision like 200, 222!, or 100. The key is to keep it fun and exciting and inspiring as much as possible, to rest when nothing gives, to plow full-speed ahead when it does give and to get help when we come to our limits. :)


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